Top 30 Healthy, Gluten Free Convenience Foods in the Supermarket

The increase in gluten free foods in the supermarket has made it so much easier for celiacs and the gluten sensitive to find suitable foods to eat.  However, many of these products are overly processed and offer little nutritional value to the gluten free diet.

Fiber rich foods are very important when it comes to eating gluten free.  Typically, when an individual transitions to a gluten free diet, they start eating many gluten free products such as breads, cookies, baked goods, pastas and rice which offer very little to no fiber.  Subsequently, overall fiber intake drops.  Long term risks of a low fiber intake can contribute to ongoing digestive problems such as constipation and contribute to the development of additional  health conditions such as type two diabetes, weight management problems, mood imbalances such as depression, cancer, high cholesterol and more.

Read below where I highlight 30 healthy gluten free foods that are high in fiber and also taste delicious (in no particular order)!

Top 30 Healthy, Gluten Free Convenience Foods in the Supermarket

Glutennull breakfast bars and buckwheat bars

gluten free granola bar






KIND bars

Lara bars

Prana nuts or trail mix

prana nuts











Little Northern Bakehouse bread

Gluten free bread






Mary’s Gone Crackers

The Goodbean Crispy Chickpeas

the goodbean crispy chickpeas







Que Pasa Corn Chips 

Tolerant pasta:  Literally, get dinner on the table in 10 minutes.  Cook the pasta, drain and toss with pesto, green peas, handful of spinach and shaved parmesan.

Tolerant lentil pasta









Natures Path Cereal: Qi’a superfood, Whole O’s, Mesa Sunrise Flakes, Qi’a Superflakes, Qi’a Superfoods Hot Oatmeal

natures path qi'a cereal









Enjoy life seed and fruit mix

Enjoy life seed and fruit mix












Food for life black rice tortillas:  Make a quick quesadilla or veggie full wrap in minutes with these delicious wraps.

Wildbrine Fermented Salsa:  Up your probiotic intake with this brand of lactofermented veggies.  The salsa is a staple in our household.  Make a quick probiotic dip by mixing the salsa with the hummus below and dip with Que Pasa corn chips!

Wildbrine salsa












Sunflower Kitchen Hummus 

Justin’s individual nut butter packs: Bring along an apple and you have a balanced snack in a jiffy!

Justins nut butter











Babybel Cheese

Buckwheat Crispbreads 









Chia Pods

Chia pods







Amy’s Gluten Free Products: light in sodium lentil soup, split pea soup, quinoa with black beans, black bean burrito, veggie scramble with tofu and hashbrowns, Indian Paneer Tikka, Indian Palak Paneer


  1. Selena, your tips are incredibly helpful! I look forward to trying these products. The humus and salsa mixed together sound especially delightful. Your blog has been so fun to read back through tonight (as I soak my feet in a foot detox bath). You are bringing health back into our fast food world.

    • selena says:

      Aw, thank you Erin 🙂 The hummus and salsa is one of my go to ways to get my daily fermented food. It makes me so happy that you are enjoying my blog. Thank you for taking the time to write a comment. Enjoy your foot bath, sounds relaxing!

  2. This list is really helpful and your tips are good too. Thanks for sharing. I really like your blog.

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