Top 3 Natural Sweeteners

raw honey

Would you like stevia, agave syrup, rapdura, coconut sugar, or brown sugar?  Which is it?  The sugar options are literally endless.  Last time I was in the grocery store, half of the baking aisle was filled with sugar!

The importance of limiting the sugar in our diet is no doubt important.  Whether we decide to use a more healthful sugar, the bottom line is that the overall sugar content in our diet needs to decrease regardless of the sugar used.

An excess of sugar in our diet can lead to:

  • Increased inflammation in our body
  • Increased risk of cancer
  • Increased risk of type 2 diabetes
  • increased risk for metabolic syndrome
  • Increased risk for obesity
  • Increased risk for heart disease
  • And more…

But, what about those times when you want a sweet treat?  Because, let’s face it, these times happen for all of us.  Whether it be a brownie, a cookie, or even a healthier version of a dessert, there are plenty of ways that we can upgrade our desserts.  One of those is switching out the refined, white sugar for a more healthful, sweeter alternative.

Healthbean’s Top 3:

1.  Medjool Dates

medjool dates

This one is my favourite.  Medjool dates are packed with fiber.  Just 1 date has 2g of fiber.  So, not only do you get a healthy sweetness from the dates, you get a healthy dose of fiber as well.

Recipe: Gluten free Medjool Date Brownies

2.  Raw, Unpasturized Honey

raw, unpasturized honey

Local honey is your best bet when sourcing because it may help with reducing symptoms of hay fever, a reaction to pollen.  When local bees search for nectar on flowering plants, they also end up getting some pollen stuck on their limbs.  When they make honey on their honey comb, a small amount of this pollen gets transferred into it.

Basically, when humans ingest the honey, we also ingest a small amount of pollen.    Now, the small amount of pollen in honey isn’t going to do produce any symptoms of hay fever because it is a very minisicual dose.  But, it has been said, to set off a very important immune response that helps to manage the symptoms of hay fever.

When ingested, the body recognizes this small amount of pollen in the honey,  and the body triggers an immune response which produces antibodies designated to fight off the foreign invaders (in this case, the pollen). When the body is actually exposed to the harmful germ or virus in a much bigger dose (pollen flying everywhere in the Spring), the antibodies have been made before and so the body is in a much better place to go and fight off the invading pollen right away versus having to start from scratch.  This is very much how a vaccine works.  So, when Spring comes, our body may not react as heavily to the normal hay fever  symptoms of itchy, red eyes, itchy throats, and sneezing episodes.

You also want to ensure your honey has not been pasteurized (heated to high temperatures) or else this will destroy the health promoting effects of honey.

Recipe: Buckwheat and Chia Granola Clusters 

3.  100% Pure Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup

No Aunt Jemima is not maple syrup.  It is on the opposite spectrum of true maple syrup and is filled with a highly inflammatory sugar,  high fructose corn syrup.

Real maple syrup on the other hand has been found to contain lignins which are known to have anti-inflamatory, anti-cancer, and antioxidants.  Further to that, it has also been found to contain a host of natural minerals such as calcium, vitamin B, zinc, potassium and magnesium.

Recipe: Frosty Banana, Chia Pops 

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