Top 10 Gluten Free Convenience Foods For Quick & Healthy Meals

Health and quick gluten free meals


If anyone is a fast cook in the kitchen, it’s me.  And, of course, I like to make healthy, tasty, and always gluten free food! I do love to spend time cooking and baking as I find it relaxing.  But nowadays with a new baby, fast, healthy and delicious is the goal for our meals.  So, here are some of my favorite, gluten free convenience foods that I use all the time to make dinner appear on the table in no time flat.

1. La Tortilla Factory Ivory Teff Wraps 

Definitely the best tasting wrap and I have tried a lot of gluten free wraps!  Wraps are so versatile, you can make PB and banana roll ups for little ones, turkey and veggie wraps or quesadillas for simple meals.

Recipe Idea: Simple weeknight black bean quesadilla

2.  Little Northern Bakehouse Bread

We use this bread all the time for our ultimate go to meal when we haven’t planned anything.  You’d think I’d have stock in this company by now with how much I promote it.  Alas, I don’t.

Honestly, we probably have this recipe at least once per week due to lack of planning on my part (I’m not the best meal planner!).   It’s called egg toast and the varieties are endless.  Currently, we are doing a tomato, basil option as we have a ton of these in our garden.

Recipe Idea: The Ultimate Fast Meal – Egg Toast

3.  O’Doughs Flax Flatbread 

We use this flatbread for pizzas all the time when we don’t make a gluten free version from scratch.  Which, let’s face it, is pretty often.

Recipe Idea: Dairy Free Pizza

4.  Tolerant Lentil Pasta

We use this pasta as a staple in our house.  The key to get the whole family to eat it, is we mix it half and half with Tru Roots Ancient Grains pasta as both pastas are the same shape and both have the same cooking time.  This way it doesn’t taste “too beany.”  And, it only takes 6-7 minutes to cook!!  So fast.

Recipe Idea:  Pesto Pasta Toss

5.  Little Rebellion Bean Crisps

Ok, I eat these quite often.   I often have ‘picnic’ lunches when leftovers aren’t available.  Basically, it’s snack foods made into a meal!

Recipe Idea:  Picnic Lunch (or dinner!) 

6.  Que Pasa Corn Tortilla Chips

I like these chips as they use organic corn and are certified gluten free.

Recipe Idea: Mexican Black Bean Dinner Nachos 

7.  Frozen fruit and vegetables

Ok, we can’t leave these guys out! These pretty much top the list for healthy, convenience foods.  We always have frozen berries, frozen leafy greens and a frozen mixed veggie variety in the freezer to add in to any meal to boost fiber and overall nutrition!

Recipe Idea: Rise and Shine Smoothie 

8.  Bottled Tomato Sauce or Pesto Sauce

With special attention to reading labels, store bought tomato or pesto sauce can be a lifesaver for quick meals throughout the week.  Use these as a spread for pizza, as a base for sauces, soups or stews, and, of course, with pastas.

Recipe Idea: Mediterranean Shakshuka 

9.  Hummus

From snack lunches, to dressing to a hummus pasta sauce, hummus is extremely versatile.  You’d think I would make my own because it’s pretty simple and I’m a dietitian.  But, I don’t and this item is actually something I always buy pre made!

Recipe Idea:  Hummus dressing for salads and grain bowls

10.  Canned Beans 

These are an absolute staple.  Not only are beans are a super food for celiacs because of their fiber content, they help provide a protein to meals in no time flat.  All you have to do is open a can, drain, rinse and you’re done!

Recipe Idea: Black Bean Stuffed Sweet Potato  


  1. I love your ideas, they all look delicious. I’m pleased you mentioned about mixing the lentil pasta with the ancient grains pasta, that’s an idea I’m going to use straight away for my family. And I love the concept of using hummus as pasta sauce. I’ve never thought of that and I use hummus all the time. I would eat hummus on a daily basis if I didn’t always run out of it!

  2. Hi can you tell me where you find the Little Northern Bakehouse bread in Kelowna?
    i am trying to find options of foods to suggest to a friend who was diagnosed with Celiac this year and that is the one thing they miss the most. I have tried some of the frozen brands of bread myself but not a fan of them. Thank you for your help

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