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Gluten Free Halloween Candy List For Canada (2018)

Gluten Free Halloween Candy Canada 2018

Ok, so we know that we should never rely on lists on the internet when it comes to gluten free….right?  YES, you should NOT rely on internet lists for gluten free halloween candy!  ALWAYS rely on your label reading skills as taught by your Dietitian or from the free glutenfree 101 series from the Canadian Celiac Association.

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Gluten Free Lunchbox Ideas for Kids

Bento box lunch

Young kids like variety in their lunches.  Little bit of this, little bit of that, bite here, nibble there…you get the picture.  A little creativity with simple, whole foods can sometimes be all that is needed to jazz up the old lunchbox routine and encourage little ones to eat a little bit more.

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Top 10 Gluten Free Convenience Foods For Quick & Healthy Meals

Health and quick gluten free meals


If anyone is a fast cook in the kitchen, it’s me.  And, of course, I like to make healthy, tasty, and always gluten free food! I do love to spend time cooking and baking as I find it relaxing.  But nowadays with a new baby, fast, healthy and delicious is the goal for our meals.  So, here are some of my favorite, gluten free convenience foods that I use all the time to make dinner appear on the table in no time flat.

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10 Communication Strategies to Decline Gluten Free Food

Sharing food

Having to turn down well-intentioned family member’s gluten free food or interrogate family members or friends on the ingredients used to make a gluten free dish, is by far, the most dreaded conversation a celiac will encounter.  Am I right?  I know this topic tops the list for me, hands down, for sure.

It’s awful when friends or family have put in so much time and effort and then you find out that you need to tell them that, unfortunately, you cannot eat it.  You know you need to decline the food item for your health, but coming up with the right communication can be very difficult.

Here are 10 communication strategies you can use to politely decline risky, gluten free food.

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18 Gluten Free Camping Essentials


Roasting veggies over campfire


Camping season is upon us!  Make it a delicious, safe, and fun event by having some these staple essential items that make will make gluten free camping a roaring success!

I’ve highlighted both food and equipment items to cover all of the basis.

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