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Gluten Free Almond Pulp Blueberry Muffins

what to do with almond pulp

I make almond milk all the time.  I tried making almond pulp crackers and, honestly, they weren’t for me.  So, I stopped making them and then the almond pulp started to stack up.  It was getting really bad actually.  I had ample amounts in the freezer, fresh in the fridge with and found myself with almond pulp coming out of my ears!

I needed to deal with this situation.  And, knowing me, I wasn’t throwing anything away.  What a waste of expensive almonds!  So, the recipe developing began.  I can say with absolute confidence that I have nailed this one on the head.  These muffins are delicious, scrumptious, and healthy.  Win, win, win!

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Gluten Free Double Chocolate Brownies

gluten free medjool date brownies

I’ve recently been diagnosed with celiac disease.  And, while I’m feeling 110% better for the most part, my undying love for baked goods has taken an, unfortunate, back seat.  Navigating the gluten free flour world has been a huge learning experience (and, I’m sure an ongoing one!) and gluten free girl and the chef has been one of my number one baking resources.

Needless to say, in the last few months, my kitchen has been turned upside down while I’ve been trying to perfect my old wheat flour favourites into their gluten free, delicious counterparts.  Wheat flours have been wiped clean from my cupboards and have been replaced with about 12 different gluten free flours and starches.  Yes, I could buy a gluten free all purpose flour.  But, that’s just not my way.  I like to figure it out for myself and understand why and how certain flours and starches replicate wheat flours.  I know, I know, the hard way.

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