Online Course

Get on the waitlist for the online course that will be starting in early 2020. Those on the waitlist will receive instant access to when registration goes live and also receive discounted pricing on the course!

Information on the course:

We will meet online, once/week, over a course of 5 weeks, for 60 minutes addressing multiple topics such as label reading, cross contamination, eating out, how to identify nutrient deficiencies, and how to use dietary strategies to address the top 3 ongoing problems on the GF diet.

All live sessions will be recorded and the replay will be sent out that same day if you can’t make the session live.

This program is for you if:
-Newly diagnosed with celiac disease
-Still struggling with digestive complaints or symptoms despite being on a GF diet
-Struggling with your doctor to get the answers you desire
-Fearful of eating out at restaurants
-Dread the grocery store and stuck in a rut with meals

Selena Devries is a registered dietitian living with celiac disease. She has dedicated her practice to working with those with celiac disease to help them improve their freedom and confidence in their food choices while maximizing their health and wellness.

After completing this course, you will be able to:
-Label read like a pro. Imagine looking at a label and being able to quickly identify if it contains gluten or not. No questions asked. No exceptions.
-Choose appropriate food and supplements to replenish nutrient deficiencies and heal the gut
-Manipulate the diet to reduce ongoing symptoms
-Quickly identify and adapt high risk menu items when eating at restaurants
-Make simple, delicious and healthy gluten free meals
-Avoid cross contamination in your house and at the grocery store
-Discover where to purchase the best tasting and healthy GF products on the market