Online Course

Selena is a dietitian and fellow celiac. She totally gets the day to day challenges of living gluten free. Do you relate to any of these below?

  • You’re frustrated with eating out because individuals just ‘don’t get it’
  • You are constantly fearful of cross contamination when eating outside the home
  • You struggle to make quick + easy meals that taste good and provide a good variety of flavours
  • You’re gluten free, like strict GF, but still feel like a**
  • Your GF baking could use just a little help

If you answered YES to any of the above, then this program is for you!

You love eating out, you love travelling, you want to feel good in your body. And, more importantly, you just LOVE food.   If this is you, then you are the perfect fit for my course.


  • Looking at a label and quickly identifying if it is GF or not (no questions asked!)
  • Knowing the exact menu item and CC questions to ask when you eat out
  • Knowing where to turn for your GF excursions
  • Identifying key nutrient deficiencies (there’s over 10 we want to focus in on), addressing them, and using food as medicine to improve your symptoms
  • Easily incorporating nutrients through individualized food choices using a super easy meal template that the whole family can use
  • Improving your social life, no matter where you are in your journey
  • Drastically improve your GF baking skills with Selena’s simple tips and discover delicious tasting healthy, brand name GF items.

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If you sign up for the VIP waitlist, you get bonuses!

  • The VIP waitlist will get a $100 off the price of the course. You will get a coupon code emailed to you when the course opens for registration
  • Early access to the FB group to ask questions and get early access to resources
  • The first three to register will get a free, 30 minute consult with Selena