What to Expect

Gluten free dietitian

Eating healthy can be made, unnecessarily, complicated.  Throw in celiac disease or irritable bowel syndrome and it becomes even more complicated.

Here at Healthbean Nutrition, we take the ‘complicated’ out of the equation.   We will show you how to find the foods that love you back.   We will get you loving your lifestyle, once again!

The secret is time, a high motivation to improve your digestive health, patience, and  being open to learning how to enjoy new, unfamiliar foods.

Selena is an expert digestive health dietitian and will only ever recommend a certain elimination diet or a specific diet for a condition, only when deemed necessary.  You will not see her recommend a gluten free diet for the general person just because it may be trendy in the media.  Expect clear, concise instructions on the appropriate diet for you and, maybe even some myth busting in session!

You can expect a plan that makes it easy to follow my recommendations which are specifically tailored to you, whether it is for celiac disease or irritable bowel syndrome.  Throughout our sessions together, you will receive a food and lifestyle plan within 24 hours of our sessions together which detail:

  • Recipe ideas/meal plans
  • Brand name food ideas
  • Digestive health nutrition handouts
  • Iphone app recommendations
  • Support group recommendations
  • Lab recommendations
  • Supplement suggestions
  • Referrals to acupuncture, counselling, exercise as needed and much more

The food and lifestyle plan makes it easy to implement my digestive health recommendations, which is your pathway to food freedom.