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5 Ways to Show Support for May’s Celiac Awareness Month

celiac disease

Did you know that May is celiac awareness month?  This is the time where we can spread the word about the impact of celiac disease and the importance of the gluten free diet.

In honor of May, there are a few events (online and locally) that I would like to share with you all!

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Community Question: Celiac, Food Allergies and Fatigue – Part One

food sensitivities, celiac

You can read part 2 here: http://www.healthbean.ca/community-question-celiac-food-allergies-and-fatigue-part-two-of-two

For any of us who experience digestive health concerns,  we are all so familiar with the daily ups and downs with energy and the constant questioning of additional foods that are making us feel unwell.

If you are celiac, removing gluten in it’s entirety is needed.  But, what happens if we still feel unwell? Unfortunately, the research is slim when it comes to individuals with celiac disease and increased risk of additional food allergies (note, this is not the same as a sensitivity). However, there  are multiple factors that can effect how we feel, which have nothing to do with additional food allergies or sensitivities and, is very commonly, overlooked.

Below are the strategies I use with my clients before we may start looking to additional food culprits.

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Top 30 Healthy, Gluten Free Convenience Foods in the Supermarket

The increase in gluten free foods in the supermarket has made it so much easier for celiacs and the gluten sensitive to find suitable foods to eat.  However, many of these products are overly processed and offer little nutritional value to the gluten free diet.

Fiber rich foods are very important when it comes to eating gluten free.  Typically, when an individual transitions to a gluten free diet, they start eating many gluten free products such as breads, cookies, baked goods, pastas and rice which offer very little to no fiber.  Subsequently, overall fiber intake drops.  Long term risks of a low fiber intake can contribute to ongoing digestive problems such as constipation and contribute to the development of additional  health conditions such as type two diabetes, weight management problems, mood imbalances such as depression, cancer, high cholesterol and more.

Read below where I highlight 30 healthy gluten free foods that are high in fiber and also taste delicious (in no particular order)!

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Top 3 Tips To Implement When You Still Don’t Feel Well On The Gluten Free Diet

Gluten free diet

March is nutrition month!  And, this year’s theme is to take the fight out of food.  I think this is probably THE best topic we have had for nutrition month because there has been no time like the present, where so many people are struggling with their food decisions.

Do you ever get frustrated by food and nutrition? Maybe you can’t figure out why you feel bloated after eating certain foods or are unsure about which foods are best for a particular health condition.  These “food fights” represent times when you struggle with yourself or others about what to eat.

When all you want to do is get control of your digestion and how you feel, it is completely understandable that you would be willing to try absolutely anything to feel better.  Being a dietitian living with celiac disease, I have personally experienced the “fight with food” when it comes to my own food choices and every single one of my clients has also experienced the “fight with food too.”  I really do get it.  Trust me, I do.

Eating should be joyful, not a source of frustration and confusion. Do any of these comments or situations sound familiar?

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Top Ten Healthy, Gluten Free Lunches for Kids

gluten free lunches

Packing healthy lunches that your kids eat can become a difficult task and dreaded one at times.  Combine that with the necessity of a gluten free diet, and you may find yourself running out of steam when it comes to the routine of getting lunches ready to go.  Not to worry though, I have many ideas for you below!

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