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How to Cook For Loved Ones With Celiac Disease


Preventing cross contamination in the kitchen

I remember the day as if it were yesterday.  Gut wrenching, butterflies in my stomach, twisty knots….I was a nervous wreck.  You would have never known that was how I was feeling though.  On the outside, I seemed like my always, happy self.

It was a big day for me, though.  It was the day where someone else (besides my partner) attempted to cook gluten free for me.

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Carrot and Squash Soup

Soothing soup for digestive distress

I love the fall because it means soup season has arrived.  If I had it my way at home, we would be eating a lot of delicious, homemade soup dunked with gluten free bread!  But, alas, this is not what my husband prefers every single night.

This soup is super easy to make, can be frozen for quick heat and eat meals throughout the week, or makes a good addition for weekday lunches.

For a balanced meal, you could top this with crispy tofu or some nuts.  Dinner done! Easy, peasy.

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Cajun Black Bean and Yam Soup

Easy lunchbox recipe

This gluten free, soup recipe is a one pot wonder, the best type of all recipes.   It is a perfect type of meal to throw into the freezer for easy, heat and eat, meals for busy weeknights.  It also perfect for kids and adults for take-a-way lunches.   Pair it with crudités and dip and you’ve got a simple and easy lunch for the whole family for the week!  Take the time to make this on the weekend, and your busy-week day self will be patting you on the back with less time spent in the kitchen and more time spent with yourself and your family.

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Lemon and Tahini Squash Dip

Gluten free bean dip

This is a great dairy free dip that is packed full of bone building nutrients.  Tahini and white beans are choke full of calcium, magnesium – two nutrients that are essential for bone health.

For individuals with celiac disease, dairy (most often, it’s the lactose in diary) is not well tolerated when first diagnosed.  This is because celiac disease damages the villi, small finger like projections that absorb nutrients, in the small intestine.  Villi also happen to produce lactAse, the enzyme needed to digest lactose.  So, when the villi are damaged, a secondary lactose sensitivity can develop.  Not to fear though, by following a strict gluten free diet, the villi grow back and tolerance to lactose can improve.

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Twenty Strategies to Kick Constipation to the Curb

celiac disease and constipation

Constipation can be a real debbie downer.  It can make you feel lethargic, bloated, gassy and may even cause intestinal cramping.   People are sometimes embarrassed to talk about their bathroom habits, but as a dietitian, that’s all I do all day long!  I have no problems with it.  I’m so comfortable talking about it, I can eat at the same time.  Yeah, you’re probably thinking ‘ugh, gross!’.

In all seriousness, your bowels tell you so much about your overall health.  They can tell you how much you are absorbing or not absorbing of your food and give you subtle hints towards your overall health. It’s worth taking peek down there in the toilet every so often.

When it comes to constipation, it’s important to know the definition of constipation and what constipation looks like.  Constipation is defined as bowels that are hard like nuts, hard to pass (causes you to strain and push them out), may cause digestive symptoms like those listed above,  and happen less often than your normal.  Now, everyone is going to have a different normal.  Some people go every other day, everyday, or every 3 days or even longer.  Usually, if you are going less than every three days, that’s too long (as per WebMD).  However, it is through my experience and my client’s experience, that they feel best by going at least once/day.  So, in my practice, my goal is to ensure that clients are emptying their bowels daily.

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Real Life Advice from a Dietitian Living with Celiac Disease