Gluten Free Course

Location: 1021 Richter Street, Kelowna Kinesiology

This group course is $60 and is for:

  • Newly diagnosed celiacs
  • Those who are still struggling on the gluten free diet

Selena is a dietitian living with celiac disease so she knows the struggles we each face day to day.  This is an all in one class giving you the confidence you need to follow this diet. You will walk out of this class with a new spark in your step as you embark on your new lifestyle with ease. You will see the light at the end of the tunnel, I promise.


I found myself a little disconnected at the hospital information session after realizing the dietitian was not celiac.  That being said, I felt your session was a million times better!  It’s nice to know the tips, tricks and the ways to start thinking.  It’s hard for someone to relay these sorts of things without actually living it.  I look forward to your next session! 

This 3 hour education class includes:

  • Coupons for delicious and nutritious gluten free food products
  • Lists of foods that are safe, not safe, and risky foods
  • How to avoid hidden source of gluten
  • How to confidently read labels for gluten
  • How to setup your kitchen gluten free
  • How to work with your doctor to check for vitamin deficiencies and additional medical concerns
  • Where to eat out and questions to ask when eating out
  • How to navigate social situations with your new food restrictions
  • Resources for gluten free baked goods that turn OUT and are DELICIOUS
  • SIMPLE and nutritious gluten free meals ideas
  • Supplements to consider
  • Access to lists of healthy, gluten free food products
  • How to balance your plate for a healthy, gluten free diet
  • Nutritious food to include in the diet to avoid and/or improve vitamin/mineral status

This course runs throughout the year.  The registration link will be on the page if a workshop is upcoming.

Register Now:

If the registration link is not on here, the course is not currently running.  Please get on the waitlist by emailing:

selena {at} healthbean [dot] ca

You will be notified as soon as the next registration is open.

Real Life Advice from a Dietitian Living with Celiac Disease