Gluten Free Product Review: Little Northern Bakehouse Bread

good tasting gluten free bread

Hallelujah, a bread that not only tastes good but it HOLDS together!  That’s right, no crumbs.  Let me say it again….no crumbs.  Seriously, not a joke!

Before I was diagnosed with celiac disease, I was a sandwich queen.  I loved them. I would stuff them full of whole foods like sprouts, avocado, hummus, chickpea salad, and tomatoes.  You name it and I would probably put it in a sandwich.

The thing is, since being diagnosed, bread has not lived up to it’s previous role.  And so, for me, bread has taken a back seat.  Not something I eat frequently anymore.

The ideal gluten free diet should be delicious and nutritious and be mostly made up of unprocessed foods including fruits, vegetables, gluten free whole grains and unprocessed protein rich foods like beans/legumes, fish, and poultry.

Being able to include some gluten free products like bread in my diet that actually FEELS and TASTES like a ‘normal’ bread is a pretty heavenly thought.

The slices are still smaller than your traditional bread slices but they are light and fluffy!  Not dense or crumbly.  There are three flavours offered:

Little Northern Bakehouse has done a great job with amping up the amount of fiber in all bread loaves, with a healthy dose of 3 grams of fiber per slice.

Typically with a gluten free diet, low fiber intake can be an issue because of the increased intake of processed, low fiber gluten free foods such as cereals, breads, bars, cookies, and cakes.  Symptoms that can result from a low fiber diet include constipation.  And, I see this often in my private practice.

The recommended minimum fiber intake for a healthy adult is 25 grams/day.  Two slices of Little Northern Bakehouse meets almost 25% of your need for fiber in one day.

In addition, this product is certified gluten free.  And, I think any of us who are celiac or non-celiac gluten sensitive appreciate that fact that a product undergoes testing to ensure that it is indeed safe for us to consume.

The fiber combined with the fact that all ingredients are GMO-free and the fact that the product is certified gluten free, makes Little Northern Bakehouse Bread get the Healthbean seal of approval!

Now for the ultimate question, where can you get it?

Currently, Nature’s Fare Kelowna carries this product.  It will soon be at Save-on Foods as well.


  1. I recently tried all 3 of these loaves at a gluten free gala and they are by far the best GF bread I’ve tried. The white bread even works well for french toast! I keep them in the freezer and pull out slices as needed. I highly recommend these for anyone who enjoys bread from time to time.

  2. Sally Volk says:

    Can I get it in Abbotsford anywhere?

  3. Dawn Byrne says:

    Tried your yummy bread from Costco. Fell in love and now they no longer carry it. what do i do now…
    Where can I get your bread

  4. I love your Seeds & Grains Bread! I live in California and used to buy it at Costco. Unfortunately they no longer carry it. We don’t have a Save on Foods near me. Where can I find it is Southern California?
    Thank you!

  5. Can I get it in Ontario or if I can order online?

  6. I reacted to that bread, started to have my old symptoms, (it was the only thing I introduced to my diet)…. be careful

    • Hi Simon. I’m sorry you had a bad reaction. However, this bread is certified gluten free by the Canadian Celiac Association so it would be extremely unlikely that gluten caused the reaction. Perhaps you are reacting to another component in the bread? This bread is also made in a facility with eggs so if you are allergic to eggs, this bread would not be suitable.

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