gluten free halloween candy list for canada (2019)

Pumpkins on display

I’m back with the GF halloween list for 2019. I can’t believe October is here and halloween will be here in no time.

Like I mentioned last year, please DO NOT rely solely on this list. It is imperative that you read labels for the most up to date information on whether the product is gluten free or not.

This list of gluten free candy below was determined by me going into the grocery store and reading the ingredient lists.  Stores visited included Walmart, Costco, Save on Foods, and Nature’s Fare.

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Gluten Free Halloween Candy List For Canada (2018)

Gluten Free Halloween Candy Canada 2018

Ok, so we know that we should never rely on lists on the internet when it comes to gluten free….right?  YES, you should NOT rely on internet lists for gluten free halloween candy!  ALWAYS rely on your label reading skills as taught by your Dietitian or from the free glutenfree 101 series from the Canadian Celiac Association.

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Unlocking the Potential of Dried Plums!

Fiber and the gluten free diet

March is nutrition month and the theme this year is unlocking the potential of food.  Food has the power to heal, prevent, fuel, discover and bring us together.

When you think of foods that fit into this years nutrition theme, we can definitely turn to dried plums to discover their amazing health benefits.  Dried plums may not be the first thing to come to mind when you think about unlocking the potential of food, but they should definitely be on your radar.

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15 Gluten Free Gift Ideas

What to buy someone with celiac disease

Are you stuck on gift ideas for your loved one with celiac disease? Don’t worry, I have you covered with lots of suggestions that they will love!

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5 Minute Medjool Chocolate Truffles

Quick holiday dessert

The number one reason why Medjool dates are in my house is because they are a extremely versatile gluten free food. Well, that, combined with the fact that they are nutritional superstars!

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