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Kelowna Dietitian


Healthbean Nutrition specializes in digestive health.  We deliver easy to digest, bite size pieces of information so our clients can, finally, achieve the healthy & happy digestive system they’ve been striving for.


We take the best of what science has to offer and fit it into our clients unique wellness plans.  We take a holistic approach to each individual with the understanding that stress, relationships,  exercise, mindfulness  and food are all components that need to be addressed to, truly, discover your best digestion.

We Use An All Encompassing Approach to Wellness By: 

  • Integrating mind-body wellness allowing clients to sustain wellness with ease
  • Getting results unlike any other, based on individualized assessments and application of research that fits your needs
  • Working with someone who has been in your shoes and understands the challenges that go with lifestyle changes
  • Incorporating foods that fit into your wellness plan, that can make or break your results.

Here at Healthbean Nutrition, we understand that we are all genetically different and that the ‘one size fits all’ approach can only get someone so far.  We use science to our advantage by using cutting edge assessments that will finally transform your best health intentions into a simple reality.

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