5 Gluten Free, Quick n’Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

Quick and Easy Gluten Free Lunch Ideas

I’m all about quick n’ easy in the kitchen.  When it comes to meals, the less ingredients the better.  But, I don’t sacrifice flavor!  Flavorful food is a must and, of course, being a dietitian, I like healthy-ish foods too.

When it comes to building a lunchbox or any meal, you want to include the following components:

  • Protein
  • Fruit/vegetable (ideally, both!)
  • An optional source of a starch/grain

Here are my top 5 quick n’healthy, gluten free lunchbox ideas that take no longer than 5-10 minutes to throw together:

1.  Mediterranean Style Bento Box:  4 olives, 1oz cheese (or 1 babybel or 1 cheese string), 2 TBP roasted almonds, 1 hard boiled egg (cut in half with some salt and pepper), cherry tomato, cucumber slices, 2 TBP pesto, 8-10 Mary’s crackers.  Dip/top the crackers with cheese or pesto.  Eat the veggies (or dip in pesto), olives, almonds, and egg.

2.  Smoked Salmon Crispbreads: Top 2-4 Le Pain Des Fleurs Buckwheat Crispbreads with 2 tablespoons cream cheese (divided among crispbreads), top with 3-4 ounces smoked salmon.  If desired, top with fresh dill and capers.  Serve with fresh or frozen and defrosted berry salad (add in fresh mint if desired).

3.  Pesto, Tomato and Cheese Sandwich: Toast 2 slices Little Northern Bakehouse gluten free bread.  Top in the following order:  2 TBP pesto split among the toasts, 1/2 oz cheese on each slice, spinach leaves, tomato slices, spinach leaves.   Top together and slice in half (if desired).  Pack along a piece of fruit and a greek yogurt container (1/2 cup).

4.  Black Bean Salad Box:   Drain and rinse 1/2 cup no salt added black beans.  Toss with 1/4 cup defrosted corn, halved cherry tomatoes, chopped red peppers, 1/4 avocado.  Drizzle with lime juice, 1-2 tsp olive oil, pinch of salt. Use as a dip with Crunchmaster gluten free crackers.

5.  No Fuss Chili Bowl:  Take low sodium bottled marinara tomato sauce and mix with 1/2 cup low sodium drained and rinsed beans, chili powder, handful of spinach (fresh of frozen), and corn.  Warm through when ready to eat (or use thermos), until spinach wilts down (if using fresh).  Top with avocado, feta, and cilantro if desired. Serve with a gluten free whole grain bun.

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  1. I like the Mediterranean bento box idea. I always assume lunchbox packing is easy but I always need more ideas to prompt me to eat a variety of foods. I like your ideas here. Thanks for sharing.

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