18 Gluten Free Camping Essentials


Roasting veggies over campfire


Camping season is upon us!  Make it a delicious, safe, and fun event by having some these staple essential items that make will make gluten free camping a roaring success!

I’ve highlighted both food and equipment items to cover all of the basis.

Gluten Free Equipment:

1. Safe gluten free cookware:

I really like the Stanley prep and eat campware.  Or, of course, you can just bring the top 3 separate items- cutting board, wooden spoon/flipper, and pan.

2.  GF stickers:

Extremely helpful when you are with families that have little ones or if you are in a group setting.  Don’t let accidental cross contamination happen with foods items or condiments.  Set stickers on them that display loud and clear that they are strictly for gluten free individuals only.

3.  Tinfoil or the Cookina BBQ Mat:

You know there will be lots of BBQ’s happening when camping.  Ensure your food stays safe by having alumnium foil to cook your food on or by using the Cookina BBQ Mat.

Gluten Free Food:

1.  Kinnikinnick S’moreables:  

Ok, you cannot go camping without smores.  Am I right?  These crackers paired with your favourite gluten free chocolate and marshmellows are a match made in heaven when camping.  If I am going to have treat when camping, it is definitely smores.

2.  Little Northern Bakehouse buns and hotdog buns:

These buns have the best texture hands down.  In addition, they are a favorite because they also pass the test nutrition wise.  Many GF bread products are low in fiber and high in refined starches and grains.  However, this brand uses whole grains and have a hefty 5 grams of fiber per bun, which is most definitely, dietitian approved.

3.  Big Mountain veggie burgers:

This is a great veggie burger that’s packed with protein and fiber.  Many veggie burgers lack protein leaving your appetite longing for something more well after dinner is over.  Packed with 14 grams of fiber and 12 grams of protein, you will be fully satisfied with these burgers!

4.  PC Blue Menu Wild Sockeye Salmon burgers:

A minimal ingredient list along with wild salmon make these burgers a great camping companion.  In addition, you are getting a hefty dose of omega 3, an anti-inflammatory fat, a nutrient that celiacs should pay particular attention to in their diet.

5.  Our little Rebellion bean crisps:

Chips and dip are going to come out sometime during the camping trip for sure.  Along with the chips you may have, consider buying these crisps that are made strictly out of beans and legumes.  Again, the fiber content in these crips are great and it’s a tasty way to eat more of this nutrient as many of us do not eat enough fiber, particularly those with celiac disease.  If I can get raving reviews from my husband and family, then I’m sure it will be a favourite among yours too!

7.  Squeeze top condiments:

To prevent double dipping from jar and lid condiments, consider bringing along squeeze top ketchup, mustard, and mayonaisse, to again, make it a whole lot easier to reduce risk of cross contamination.

8. Easy prep fresh fruit and vegetables:

Now being a dietitian, I couldn’t leave out my beloved fruits and vegetables!  I find the easier to grab and eat, the more likely people will actually consume them.  Easy prep fruit and vegetables that require almost no prep other than washing include baby carrots, snap peas, cherry tomatoes, mini cucumbers, pre washed salad greens, berries, stone fruits, and watermelon.  And, many of these are in season during the summer months.  Serve alongside all meals and pair them with a dip like hummus so people are even more likely to eat them!

9.  Natures Path Qi’a Cereal 

Hot water is the only thing you need to add to these individually packed hot cereals.  They are perfect for snacks and breakfasts.  Again, these packs are very high in fiber, helping to start your day with a stick to the ribs breakfast that will fuel you for hours.   Often, I combine these with a scoop of certified GF oats and a handful of berries.

10.  KIND pressed and KIND bars

A great convenient bar choice that is available at many locations, including gas stations.  Pack these along for hikes, or join together with some fruit for an easy, healthy snack choice for kids.

11.  Prana Kilminjaro trail mix

Another healthy convenience choice loaded with healthy fats and fiber.  Bonus, it comes with little dark chocolate squares.  Yum!

12.  The Goodbean crispy chickpeas

Craving something salty and crunchy?  Instead of reaching for chips, try these.   Super high in fiber, these guys are great served alongside traditional chips, to up the nutritional value of your snack!

13. Made Good Granola 

For a store bought granola, this is a pretty healthy version.   For a breakfast the whole family will love (even for the pickest of eaters!), try doing a cereal bar laying out cooked hot cereal (like qi’a or oats), yogurt, granola, trail mix, and fresh berries and let everyone top their bowls with the desired toppings.  Talk about an easy, healthy breakfast!

14. Hornby organic energy bars

These are energy dense bars that would be perfect to take along on hikes.   Bonus, they come in some pretty amazing flavours like like chocolate chip tahini!

15.  Taste adventure black bean soup cups

Just add hot water for a meal in a jiffy!  Coming in at 9g of fiber and 12g of protein, this a very simple and convenient way to boost your nutrition while camping.


  1. Cool foods for camping. Thanks for sharing.

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