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Top 5 Gluten Free Fast Foods

Top 5 gluten free fast foods

Throwing together healthy meals with no diet restrictions is difficult.  Throw in gluten free and even dairy free, and you may be left wondering, “well, what is there to make…”

Don’t fret.  That’s what I’m here for – to inspire quick and easy gluten free, dairy free meals on the whim.

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Medjool Cherry Chia Crumble Bars

cherry chia crumble bars with medjool dates

Oh, medjool dates.  Can you feel the love? It’s a win-win relationship.  Win for tastebuds, win for a healthy digestive system and win for extra energy.  Medjool dates pack quite the nutritional punch and they shine in this delicious, summer harvest crumble bar.

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Video Blog: Green Garlic Pesto

I always encourage my clients to try new vegetables as that’s one of the biggest challenges many of my clients face – how to increase their fruit and vegetables intake.  How else to do it than to experiment in the produce section and get friendly in the kitchen!

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Top 3 Natural Sweeteners and Healthbean’s Next Event!

raw honey

Would you like stevia, agave syrup, rapdura, coconut sugar, or brown sugar?  Which is it?  The sugar options are literally endless.  Last time I was in the grocery store, half of the baking aisle was filled with sugar!

The importance of limiting the sugar in our diet is no doubt important.  Whether we decide to use a more healthful sugar, the bottom line is that the overall sugar content in our diet needs to decrease regardless of the sugar used.

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Egg Labelling 101

organic eggs

Eggs should have their own dedicated aisle.  It seems like there are new options popping up all the time which makes it just that much more confusing to determine the best type of egg to buy.

When we are deciding what type of egg to buy, it’s important to consider toxins.  Why?  because toxins accumulate in fat cells.  The yolk is a pure fat which is where toxins will accumulate.  So, the more toxins the chickens are exposed to either from conventionally grown feed or living in an undesirable environment, the increased amount of toxins stored in the yolk, which we ultimately ingest.

So, a healthy environment = a  healthier chicken = a healthier egg = a healthier body

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