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7 Ways to Use Pesto

Simple Gluten Free Meals

I absolutely love multiple way recipes.  Honestly, that’s what I base many of my local gluten free cooking classes on.  The less prep I have to do when it comes to meals, the more time I have to myself.  And, I’m sure you’d agree, that you’d love to have that too!

My recipe is not a ‘traditional’ recipe as it does not include cheese.  So, it makes a nice choice for those who need to be dairy free.

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Chocolate Dipped Macaroons

Gluten Free Coconut macaroons

It wouldn’t be the holidays without these tasty little gems!  Christmas is my favourite time of year.  Don’t get me wrong, I dread the cold.  Seriously, I dread it.  I am not a fan of the cold.  Ask my boyfriend who has been taking our little pup out the last month.  Yes….that’s right.  It hasn’t been me.

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5 Strategies to Lower Inflammation & Maple Dijon Salmon

maple dijon salmon


This sauce is amazing.  Tangy and sweet, it’s delicious.  And, the best part is you can whip it up in no time flat.  And, that’s what we strive for at Healthbean Nutrition.  We make simple and flavourful meals using the healing properties of food so we can redefine your health.

Salmon, as many of us are aware, is high in omega 3.  Omega 3 is an anti-inflammatory fat and many of us can benefit by aiming to eat 2 servings of sustainable, wild caught, cold water fatty fish/week.

Many of us may know that inflammation can lead to an overactive immune system contributing to allergies, asthma, and autoimmune conditions such as celiac disease and rheumatoid arthritis.  But, in addition did you know that research shows that all chronic disease is based in a inflammatory response?

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Warm Roasted New Potato & Green Bean Salad AND a Giveaway!

Balsamic roasted potato salad

You simply cannot beat the taste from fresh fruits and vegetables from the Farmer’s Market.  In this simple salad, the fresh basil and balsamic heighten the beautiful flavours present in these fresh vegetables.

Green vegetables are literally food as medicine for celiac disease and inflammatory bowel disease (crohns, colitis).  As folate, or vitamin B9, is a typical nutrient that is malabsorbed with these inflammatory diseases.  For those following a gluten free diet, be aware that gluten free foods are not fortified with folate as compared to their gluten filled counterparts.  This makes those following a gluten free diet more prone to developing a folate deficiency.

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Top 5 Gluten Free Fast Foods

Top 5 gluten free fast foods

Throwing together healthy meals with no diet restrictions is difficult.  Throw in gluten free and even dairy free, and you may be left wondering, “well, what is there to make…”

Don’t fret.  That’s what I’m here for – to inspire quick and easy gluten free, dairy free meals on the whim.

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